I decided to be a great runner, determined to win every race,

To bask in the glory, to tell all my story, to make sure the world knew my face.

For years I had dreamt of the conquest, gold metals and fortune and fame.

So I gave up my leisure, I sacrificed pleasure, and worked every day at my game.


There were times that I wanted to give up, for the work didn’t seem like a friend,

Yet each day I grew stronger, ran faster and longer, efforts more than just means to an end.


So a contest at length I would enter and show everybody my pace,

I’d worked for this day, paid the price all the way,

I would settle for none than first place.


As the gun went off and we started, I quickly shot out in the lead, ahead of the pack; all the runners way back,

only one seemed to stay at my speed.


Then I noticed that one was now gaining, then she passed me with effortless stride,

but try as I might to put up a fight, I was losing the race and my pride.


Then to my amazement she stumbled, went down in the dirt hard and fast.

With number one out, there wasn’t a doubt; this was my race to win now at last.


Without thinking, I picked up my sister, and she shouted “go on now you’ve won!”

But, hobbling and holding, despite all her scolding, we finished together the run.


Now I know many may think I’m crazy, for I gave up a race that was mine.

See many went past, in fact we came in dead last, but don’t worry, years later I’m fine.


For I’ve learned the mark of a winner, is not if you come in first place,

But how many you aid and the price you’ve paid helping others who run in the race.


This was an inspiration poem found and read by Ms. Jaylene Kent, Isla Paint and Roofing Supplies during the September General Membership Meeting.  Thank you Jaylene for sharing.