The fairer sex is what she’s called, a struggle to begin.  For in a world where man is king, its difficult to win. But tenderness and nurturing are not to be misled.  A strength and power to rule the world lie in her pretty head.


Sometimes her magic’s camouflaged, she doesn’t know i’ts there.  Caught up in daily mindless task, to dream she doesn’t dare.  Adversities and challenge are always in her way.  Any yet she knows it’s possible to change her life one day.


Every stone she stumbles on and every time she falls, it puts where she’s meant to be-appears like blocks and walls.  And yet it’s another door in spite of what it seems.  A lesson waiting to be learned, a gateway of her dreams.


Sometimes she must remind herself, the sun comes up each day.  And even in the darkest night the moon will light her way.  No rainbow comes without the storm and peace may come with wars.  Yet in her heart she knows she’ll win if she keeps opening doors.


This was an inspiration poem found and read by Ms. Jessica Barrett, Barrett Plumbing during the July General Membership Meeting.  Thanks Jessica for sharing.